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 Old-Signature Gallery

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Karl Sauer
Karl Sauer

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Old-Signature Gallery Empty
PostSubject: Old-Signature Gallery   Old-Signature Gallery EmptyMon Sep 02, 2013 4:05 am

The official custom signatures on display, arranged by date of creation(Day/Month/Year).

Creator/Designer: Lorenz Georg.

Old-Signature Gallery GeorgSigV1F_zps1bd67393
Date: 23/08/13
Made for Lorenz Georg

Old-Signature Gallery SauerSigV1_zps36ae8796
Date: 24/08/13
Made for Karl Sauer

Old-Signature Gallery FuchsSigV1_zps119692fb
Date: 25/08/13
Made for Friedrich Fuchs

Old-Signature Gallery Haeussersigpzgren_zpsd06f8de3
Date: 05/09/13
Made for Dietrich Häußer

Old-Signature Gallery HalsSigV1_zps51b6bd17
Date: 02/10/13
Made for Ludwig Hals

"It's not that big." - Axel Palmén
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Old-Signature Gallery
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