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 -- Application Template --

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Karl Sauer
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-- Application Template -- Empty
PostSubject: -- Application Template --   -- Application Template -- EmptyFri Mar 07, 2014 7:36 am



- Please do not use any famous/infamous German names for your realism title, be it from history or films/movies. Make sure to check the roster to see if the chosen surname is vacant.

- You must have a working microphone for your TeamSpeak interview.

- Please answer all questions truthfully where needed.

- We do not tolerate any Neo-Nazi/ fascist connections or relations, if that is what you are looking for, you will not find such an organisation here.

- Upon successful completion of basic training and 3 week trial period, recruits will be awarded the rank of Grenadier, and issued a Soldbuch, in which their service history, accomplishments, and medals will be recorded.

- Current mods used: Invasion 44, ACRE, CBA_CO, bet_addons_1.47 (If needed, full assistance will be offered to get your game ready).

- Copy the following template seen below into a new topic, with the subject of the topic being: 'Application - (Realism Name).


1. Full Realism Name:

2. Age:

3. Country:

4. Previous ArmA Realism Units/Clans:

5. Were you dishonorably discharged from any of the above Units/Clans?:

6. Are you able to take part on Sunday's at 7PM GMT (8PM GMT+1, 2PM EST)?:

7. What does 'realism' mean to you, when compared with other gameplay styles?

8. Where did you hear about the 353. Infanterie-Division? (A forum? Steam?):

9. Do you have a working Microphone and/or Headset? (Required):

10. Are you willing to invest the necessary time (1 - 2 hours) to ensure that the above mods are installed and working correctly when recruited?:

11. Steam ID (This is your login/account name, found at the top of your Steam friends list.):

12. Of the following two options, which would you be interested in enlisting in (Option A, or B)?

A. Das Grenadier-Regimente: Enlist into the Grenadiere, with a focus on infantry tactics and organization, and provide the bulk of our unit's strength on the battlefield.

B. Die Panzerjäger-Abteilung 353 : Enlist into the Panzerjäger, with a separate training program aimed at functioning as a member of a Panzerjägerbesatzung (tank hunter crew) and the tactics involved with armor deployment.


Please respond clearly with the selection that most interests you. Note that the Panzerjäger-Abteilung 353 has limited recruitment opportunities based on available personnel and vehicles, and that postings will be made as positions are available.
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-- Application Template --
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