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 Grenadier-Regiment Recruitment

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Grenadier-Regiment Recruitment Empty
PostSubject: Grenadier-Regiment Recruitment   Grenadier-Regiment Recruitment EmptyThu Mar 13, 2014 6:10 am


Grenadier-Regiment 941


Grenadier-Regiment Recruitment Nvs27q

The 941.Grenadier-Regiment is looking for new Rekruten!

What we're looking for:

+ Discipline: It is important to have fun whilst playing; however, discipline is important to the efficient operation of the Gruppe (Squad). A Soldat that loses focus loses the fight.

+ Teamwork: It is vital that everyone communicates as they work together within the Gruppe, as no role is entirely effective without the efforts of the others.

+ Intuition: A trait that develops over time. It is important that every Soldat understands his role, and that he knows where to best place himself in each situation. It is imperative that he considers where he is needed in combat situations, allowing the Gruppenführer to concentrate on the task at hand.

What we offer:

+ Training: There is no long BCT course or a written exam you have to take just to become a Grenadier. You simply fold into the regular Gruppe for practice sessions, where you will be slowly and surely taught the different methods, tactics and techniques utilized by the Infanterie.

+ Internal Campaign: The Infanterie will be participating in an internal campaign, where they will be receiving support from the Panzerjäger-Abteilung. The Infanterie will be our main fighting force in this campaign, and any other battle we may end up in.

+ Camaraderie: Throughout its history of predecessors, the core membership of the 353. Infanterie-Division has developed a reputation for being open and friendly, maintaining contact with unit members past and present. We encourage discipline and a serious approach, but we can also joke around with the best of them. If you are dedicated and mature, you have a home here.

Positions Available, and Promotion Within the Regiment:

The Zug (Platoon) consists of three Gruppen, containing nine Soldaten each, and the commanding Zugtrupp.

- Gruppe -

Gruppenführer: The brain of the Gruppe, he makes the tactical decisions on the fly or builds up to the larger plan. He directs the MG and MG-Helper, though he may push an advance in some situations. Usually armed with an MP40, pistol, grenades and smoke grenades.

Stellvertretender Gruppenführer: Second-in-command of the squad, he leads the Grenadiere in close-combat. If the Gruppenführer ever dies in action, or is for other reasons not in the vicinity, he controls the entirety of the squad. Usually armed with an MP40 and grenades.

Maschinengewehr-Richtschütze: The MG is the main source of firepower in the Gruppe, and one of the key-members in any firefight. The combat effectiveness of the Gruppe suffers without a proper MG-Schütze, so it is essential that he is supported by the Grenadiere.

Maschinengewehr-Hilfsschüzte: Supports the MG-Schütze in the field, he is armed with a Kar98k like other Grenadiere. However, he is also expected to carry extra ammo for the MG, and remain in the back to both protect the MG-Schütze and also spot targets for him.

Grenadier: The main frontline man, he carries a couple of grenades and a Kar98k rifle. They are often employed to fight at long distance, supporting the MG and grinding down the enemy. If they are unable to combat the enemy effectively at that range, they go in with bayonets and grenades to take out the entrenched foe.

- Zugtrupp -

Zugführer: The commander of the Zug, he oversees the overall tactical situations for the Gruppen. He is also in charge of keeping up communication between the whole of his Zug and the 353.Panzerjäger-Abteilung.

Krankenträger: The field medic of the Zug. One is allocated per Zug to service all of the squads. He is armed with only a pistol for self-defense, and is therefore not suited for frontline combat.

Funker: Relays communication between the Zug and other parts of the division - in particular, the Panzerjäger-Abteilung. He is equipped with a radio, and will not be ordered into direct combat.

Melder: The battlefield messengers; they relay messages between the Zug and the squads. A fully equipped Zugtrupp has two of them, both armed with a Kar98k.


If you possess these qualities and have an interest in being part of a tight-knit group, then select us at the bottom of your application on this forum!

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Grenadier-Regiment Recruitment
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