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 Merderet Winter: Day One

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Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg

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Merderet Winter: Day One Empty
PostSubject: Merderet Winter: Day One   Merderet Winter: Day One EmptySun Dec 07, 2014 6:12 pm

Merderet Winter: Day One Mwdayonepromo_zps18405f70
The long-awaited campaign commences today!


Von: Divisionsstabsquartier

Zu: Allen Soldaten der 353. Infanterie-Division


07.12.1944 08.00


A belated congratulations to all of you for thwarting an enemy attempt to push past the northwestern outpost towards the banks of the Merderet River.

However, British incursions into Division-held territory have increased rapidly over the past week since that encounter. They have made no further forays into the northwest sector, but are instead concentrated on making gains in the western and southwestern sectors.
Yesterday, elements of enemy armor and infantry seized control of the southernmost river crossing from us.  

An aerial photograph has been provided for your viewing, as seen above this dispatch. Visible is the small village of Traversée on the main artery road running southeast along the river. You will notice trenches have been dug on the riverbank facing the crossing, as well as foxholes. Not clearly visible are the pillboxes attached to the trench system.
These fortifications are hastily built; but if well-manned, they could prove valuable to prevent future enemy movement at the crossing.

Your priority this morning is to counterattack Traversée and secure the river crossing.

Viel Glück, Kameraden!

Ufw. Lorenz Georg
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G "Maria"
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Merderet Winter: Day One
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