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 Feldzug Neaville: The Finale

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Lorenz Georg
Lorenz Georg

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Feldzug Neaville: The Finale Empty
PostSubject: Feldzug Neaville: The Finale   Feldzug Neaville: The Finale EmptyMon Oct 06, 2014 7:20 pm


Von: Divisionsstabsquartier

Zu: Alle Soldaten der 353. Infanterie-Division


3.00 08.07.1944


United States Army forces in the area have formally surrendered following major losses in their last-ditch offensive against Neaville!

As long-serving veterans of the 353. Infanterie-Division know, the Americans have taken significant casualties throughout the campaign. The British Army, coming to their rescue midway through the campaign, remain operative in the western sector of Neaville.

In appreciation for the 353. Infanterie-Division's efforts in staving off continuous enemy offensives in the area, the Division is being relieved of duty in Neaville. Responsibility for ongoing operations is being transferred to the less battle-worn 10. SS-Panzer-Division.
Our Division will return to its training grounds for refitting and rebuilding.

However, as we withdraw from the region, we are allocating a fresh Zug of Grenadiere and two StuG III Ausf. G assault guns to commence clean-up operations in the area tomorrow. The extent of this operation is at the discretion of the Zugführer, and the sole objective is to eliminate any enemy hold-outs in the Neaville vicinity. A fitting ending for the tenth day of the campaign.

Weather conditions for tomorrow are expected to be clear. Expect only light resistance - losses have been high for both the Americans and British, and the likelihood of any significant threat is slim. As stated, conduct a sweep of any suspected enemy presence.

Ufw. Lorenz Georg
Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G "Maria"
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Feldzug Neaville: The Finale
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