353.Infanterie Division
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 Application - Ignatius Ritter (Pending)

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Application - Ignatius Ritter (Pending) Empty
PostSubject: Application - Ignatius Ritter (Pending)   Application - Ignatius Ritter (Pending) EmptyTue Feb 24, 2015 2:50 am

1. Full Realism Name: Ignatius Ritter

2. Age: 17

3. Country: Croatia

4. Previous ArmA Realism Units/Clans: 532nd Battalion, 156th Parachute Battalion, 25th Infantry Division, 353rd Infantry Division (I44), 82nd Airborne Division, 11th MEU, 101st Airborne, 2/75th Ranger Regiment, 7th SG Devil's Brigade

5. Were you dishonorably discharged from any of the above Units/Clans?: No.

6. Are you able to take part on Sunday's at 7PM GMT (8PM GMT+1, 2PM EST)?: Yes.

7. What does 'realism' mean to you, when compared with other gameplay styles? Professional playing with discipline and tactic.

8. Where did you hear about the 353. Infanterie-Division? (A forum? Steam?): Invasion 1944 forums.

9. Do you have a working Microphone and/or Headset? (Required): Yes.

10. Are you willing to invest the necessary time (1 - 2 hours) to ensure that the above mods are installed and working correctly when recruited?: Yes.

11. Steam ID (This is your login/account name, found at the top of your Steam friends list.): Grindelwald

12. Of the following two options, which would you be interested in enlisting in (Option A, or B)? B.
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Application - Ignatius Ritter (Pending)
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