353.Infanterie Division
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 Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted)

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Wilhelm Gottlieb
Wilhelm Gottlieb

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Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted)   Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted) EmptyFri Dec 26, 2014 9:55 pm

1. Full Realism Name:
Wilhelm Gottlieb

2. Age:

3. Country:

4. Previous ArmA Realism Units/Clans:

5. Were you dishonorably discharged from any of the above Units/Clans?:

6. Are you able to take part on Sunday's at 7PM GMT (8PM GMT+1, 2PM EST)?
Not every Sunday, but as many as I can.

7. What does 'realism' mean to you, when compared with other gameplay styles?
Realism in war games according to me, means teamwork, real tactics and strategies, and of course discipline.

8. Why are you choosing the 353. Infanterie-Division?
I really love history, and I have read a lot about the Wehrmacht and the Ruhr pocket, and this seems like a nice community.

9. Where did you hear about the 353. Infanterie-Division? (A forum? Steam?):
I saw it on the Invasion 1944 forum.

10. Do you have a working Microphone and/or Headset? (Required):

11. Steam ID (This is your login/account name, found at the top of your Steam friends list.):
Login: zombie_zleeping
Current name: Eldgrímr

12. Of the following two options, which would you be interested in enlisting in (Option A, or B)?
Option A

PS: My computer is currently acting up, so I cannot play Arma or any other demanding game until it is fixed.
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Karl Sauer
Karl Sauer

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Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted)   Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted) EmptySat Dec 27, 2014 2:48 am


Von: Grenadier-Regiment 941 Hauptquartier

Zu: Wilhelm Gottlieb

Herr Gottlieb

Your application has been reviewed and you have been approved for an interview.

As is standard procedure for all potential Rekruten, you will be sent the Teamspeak information for our server via Private Message and are to report to an available officer for an interview.

"It's not that big." - Axel Palmén
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Application - Wilhelm Gottlieb(Accepted)
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